Name Phone Number Email Room Number Department
Anderson, Nikki 276-523-9105 H107 Center for Student Outreach & Success
Arnold, Dr. Bethany 276-523-9034 G111 Arts and Sciences
Artrip, Donnie 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Asher, Jennifer 276-523-9050 H122 Bookstore
Austin, Susie 276-523-7463 G131 Financial & Administrative Services
Barker, Chelsea 276-523-9139 Fox Central Financial Aid
Barker, Justin 276-523-9149 DC 238 Foundation
Bevins, Becky 276-523-9061 G141 Business Office
Blankenbecler, Nora 276-523-9054 PT242 Business & Information Technology
Boggs Kelly, Beth 276-523-9106 H132 Student Services
Bolling, David 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Bolling, Windell 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Bookstore 276-523-7461 H119 Bookstore
Booth, Dr. Ted 276-523-9038 G115 Arts and Sciences
Bott, William 276-523-9037 G237 Arts and Sciences
Bowen, Emily 276-523-9008 CWIA 323 Health Sciences
Bowling, Kayla 276-523-9142 R104 Admissions and Records
Bradshaw, Lelia 276-523-9107 H133 Student Services
Brownsberger, Dr. William 276-523-7467 PT227 Academic Affairs and Workforce Solutions
Brummett, Chris 276-523-9097 M113 Printing Services
Bryant, Derek 276-523-9044 G224 Arts and Sciences
Campbell, Becky 276-523-9062 G140 Business Office
Camponovo, Dr. Crystal 276-523-9039 G218 Arts and Sciences
Campus Police 276-523-7473 or 276-207-1171 Godwin Campus Police
Clark, Kristen 276-523-9018 PT139 Health Sciences
Clarkston, Deborah 276-523-9009 PT136 Health Sciences
Clarkston, Sarah 276-523-9010 PT146 Health Sciences
Clendenon, Cindy 276-523-9064 G148 Business Office
Clendenon, Todd 276-523-6434 Fox Central Admissions and Records
Cluesman, Donna 276-523-9011 PT131 Health Sciences
Collins, Denise 276-523-7472 H128 Student Services
Cooke, Brandi 276-523-9026 R105 Admissions and Records
Cooke, Rosa-Lee 276-523-9083 DC215 Industrial Technology
Cothron, Grayson 276-523-9023 G153 Campus Police
Cowden, Sabrina 276-523-9012 PT143 Health Sciences
Crabtree, Sally 276-523-9063 G142 Business Office
Cupp, Tina 276-523-9109 G216 TRIO SSS
CWIA Front Office 276-523-9124 CWIA
Darnell, Cory 276-523-9081 G137 Human Resources
Davidson, Tamara 276-523-9113 PT224 Workforce Solutions
Davis, Amanda 276-523-9013 PT133 Health Sciences
Davis, Lee 276-523-7479 CWIA Workforce Solutions
Davis, Pauline 276-523-9137 DC218 Industrial Technology
Deel, Ritchie 276-523-9444 PT236 Business & Information Technology, Computing & Information Technology
DeFoor, Dana 276-523-7460 G104 Arts and Sciences
Dingus, Lori 276-523-9114 PT224 Workforce Solutions
Dorton, Kim 276-523-9014 PT147 Health Sciences
Durham, Belinda 276-523-9459 M106 Facilities
Dye, Shamra 276-523-9075 Fox Central Financial Aid
Edwards, Kemper 276-523-9110 G216 TRIO SSS
Edwards, Phil 276-523-9053 PT 234 Business & Information Technology
Ely, Cliff 276-523-9450 PT217 Computing & Information Technology
England, Robert 276-523-9084 DC210 Industrial Technology
Eventide, Althea 276-523-9144 G131 Human Resources
Fey, Ari Booker 276-523-9096 Wampler Library & MECC CWIA Library MECC CWIA Library, Wampler Library
Fields, Matt 276-523-9071 G216 TRIO Talent Search
Fig, Jennifer 276-523-9027 G216 TRIO Talent Search
Fleming, Noelle 276-523-9055 PT137 Health Sciences
Fraley, Christina 276-523-9030 H134 Student Services
Fritts, Dr. Shannon 276-523-9040 G219 Arts and Sciences
Fritz, Henry 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Garland, Jim 276-523-9085 DC114 Industrial Technology
Gibson, Douglas 276-523-9441 G216 TRIO Talent Search
Gibson, Megan 276-523-9078 DC 236 Foundation
Gibson, Peggy 276-523-7490 DC247 President's Office
Gilliam, Linda 276.523.9051 H122 Bookstore
Gilliam, Sarah 276-523-9041 G222 Arts and Sciences
Gilly, Jake 276-523-9086 DC212 Industrial Technology
Grace, Lena 276-523-9028 R106 Admissions and Records
Greear, Dr. Amy 276-523-7480 DC237 Community Relations, Foundation
Guthe, Donald 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Hale, Brian 276-523-9042 G167 Arts and Sciences
Hale, Jonathan 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Hall, Kristy 276-523-9029 R108 Admissions and Records
Harper, Dawn 276-523-9104 H107 Center for Student Outreach & Success
Harvey, Arietta 276-523-9001 PT217 Computing & Information Technology
Hay, Courtney 276-523-7498 Wampler Library & MECC CWIA Library MECC CWIA Library, Wampler Library
Hickman, Krisanne 276-523-9095 Wampler Library Wampler Library
Hill, Dora 276-523-9052 H121 Bookstore
Jones, Holly 276-523-9093 Wampler Library & MECC CWIA Library MECC CWIA Library, Wampler Library
Jones, Jane 276-523-9057 PT239 Business & Information Technology
Jones, Mitzi 276-523-9015 PT144 Health Sciences
Kelley, Amy 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Kennedy, Lana 276-523-9098 G170 Printing Services
Kilbourne, Joseph 276-523-9056 PT238 Business & Information Technology
Kilgore, Jason 276-523-9003 DC235 Computing & Information Technology
Lancaster, Amanda 276-523-9033 G139 Business Office
Lane, Terri 276-523-9058 PT235 Business & Information Technology
Layne, Preston 276-523-9455 M102 Printing Services
Lee, Christy 276-523-9070 PT208 Computing & Information Technology
Lee, Dale 276-523-9108 H131 Student Services
Lee, Kevin 276-523-9092 PT225 Institutional Effectiveness
Lee, Valerie 276-523-9079 G138 Human Resources
Lester, Angie 276-523-7462 PT244 Business & Information Technology
Lewis, Jessica 276-523-9111 G216 TRIO SSS, TRIO Talent Search
Long, Dora 276-523-9016 PT140 Health Sciences
Mabe, Ashley 276-523-9099 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
Mabe, David 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Mabe, Gracee 276-523-7477 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
Maggard, Brandon 276-523-9004 R215 Computing & Information Technology
Maggard, Brandon K. 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Martinez, Brandi 276-523-9043 G243 Arts and Sciences
Mathews, Amanda 276-523-9147 Business & Information Technology
McCarty, Alison 276-523-9145 Fox Central Admissions and Records
McDonough, Ernest “Doogle” 276-523-7473 Godwin Campus Police
McGuire, Deborah 276-523-9065 G148 Business Office
McKinney, Melissa 276-523-9035 G112 Arts and Sciences
McLaughlin, Robert 276-523-9005 PT217 Computing & Information Technology
MECC Foundation 276-523-7466 Dalton-Cantrell Foundation
Miller, Angela 276-523-9067 PT 114 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Mosier, Cindy 276-523-2400 Ext. 0 Godwin Human Resources
Mullins, Emma 276-523-9124 CWIA Workforce Solutions
Mullins, Hannah 276-523-9080 G113 Arts and Sciences
Mullins, Wes 276-523-9017 PT238 Business & Information Technology, Health Sciences
Myers, Logan 276-523-7477 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
New, Stephanie 276-523-9123 CWIA Workforce Solutions
O’Quinn, Becki 276-523-9454 PT210 Workforce Solutions
Oaks, Miranda 276-523-9045 G221 Arts and Sciences
Ogbonnaya, Chuks 276-523-9088 DC211 Industrial Technology
Owens, Christy 276-523-9069 PT Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Palmer, Shane 276-523-7477 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
Pearcy, Vicki 276-523-9032 R107 Admissions and Records
Phillips, Karen 276-523-7477 Red Fox Grill Red Fox Grill
Pittman, Jimmy 276-523-9082 DC219 Industrial Technology
Quillen, Clyde 276-523-9117 DC Workforce Solutions
Ramey, Jerry 276-523-9089 DC213 Industrial Technology
Ramsey, Dr. Adam 276-523-9036 G235 Arts and Sciences
Rasnick, Kim 276-523-9019 R205 Health Sciences
Red Fox Grill 276-523-7477 Holton Hall Red Fox Grill
Reynolds, Angelia 276-523-9025 PT228 Academic Affairs and Workforce Solutions
Rhoton, Connie 276-523-9118 P225 Workforce Solutions
Ringley, Cynthia 276-523-9090 D209 Industrial Technology
Robbins, Amanda 276-523-9020 PT135 Health Sciences
Roberson, Karen 276-523-9112 G216 TRIO SSS
Roberts, Joseph 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Roberts, Shelli 276-523-7456 PT148 Health Sciences
Rose, Matthew 276-523-7431 DC208 Industrial Technology, Workforce Solutions
Rose, Mike 276-523-9119 CWIA Workforce Solutions
Rutledge, Vicki 276-523-7466 DC234 Foundation
Scanlan, Kyle 276-523-9046 G116 Arts and Sciences
Scarberry, Nikki 276-523-7465 DC 205 Industrial Technology
Schenck, Christina 276-523-9031 Fox Central Admissions and Records
Sharrett, Isaac 276-523-9021 PT138 Health Sciences
Shular, Bryce 276-523-9091 DC220 Industrial Technology
Smith, Suzette 276-523-9101 PT209 SBDC, Workforce Solutions
Sneed, Amanda 276-523-9140 DC 239 Foundation
Snodgrass, Beth 276-523-9059 PT240 Business & Information Technology
Spears, Jason 276-523-9121 CWIA Workforce Solutions
Stallard, Deborah 276-523-9067 PT114 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Stanley, Farrell 276.523.9074 M113 Facilities
Stanley, Kevin 276-523-9006 PT217 Computing & Information Technology
Stidham, Thomas 276-523-9074 M113 Facilities
Strong, Shane 276-523-9002 PT217 Computing & Information Technology
Tabor, Natasha 276-523-9146 PT223 Academic Affairs and Workforce Solutions
Tankersley, Cheryl 276-523-9067 PT114 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Test Staff 276-123-4567 101 Computing & Information Technology
Tomlinson, Francis Business & Information Technology
Townsend, Nancy 276-523-9067 PT114 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Tucker, Dr. Ken 276-523-9047 G117 Arts and Sciences
Vicars, Ron 276-523-7478 G136 Financial & Administrative Services
Wallen, Chesley 276.523.9074 M113 Facilities
Wampler Library 276-523-7468 Robb Hall Wampler Library
Ward, Sabrina 276-523-9060 PT241 Business & Information Technology
Westover, Dr. Kristen 276-523-7490 DC246 President's Office
Whisenhunt, Lena 276-523-9022 PT145 Health Sciences
Whisman, Dr. Derek 276-523-9048 G109 Arts and Sciences
Whitaker, Sherry 276-523-9077 Fox Central Financial Aid
White, Cody 276-523-9067 PT114 Dual Enrollment/Governor's School
Wilson, Meg 276-523-9094 Wampler Library MECC CWIA Library, Wampler Library
Wright, Deborah 276-523-5457 PT132 Health Sciences
Wright, Frank 276-523-9049 G223 Arts and Sciences
Yates, Joe 276-523-9122 CWIA Industrial Technology
Yates, Kevin 276-523-9024 Godwin Campus Police
Yates, Miranda 276-523-9102 Holton Hall Center for Student Outreach & Success
Young, Joseph 276-523-9007 PT217 Computing & Information Technology